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Maryland Representative Pre-Filed Bill to Put Constitutional Amendment on 2022 Ballot to Legalize Adult Use of Cannabis

Representative Clippinger, Chair of the Judiciary Committee, has pre-filed a bill to put a constitutional amendment on the 2022 ballot to legalize adult use of cannabis in Maryland. The bill has been designated as HB 1 symbolizing its priority. The bill will be heard in the Judiciary Committee. 

Delaware Representative Revising Legislation to Legalize Adult use of Cannabis


Representative Osienski of Delaware has been working on revising his legislation to legalize adult use of cannabis to strengthen support. The latest version of his legislation (


The Challenges of Microbial Analysis in Cannabis Matrices: Plating vs Molecular Techniques


Excellent article on the challenges of microbial analysis in cannabis matrices: plating versus molecular techniques. Special thanks to Analytical Cannabis for publishing


Montana Requires Cannabis Products be Tested for Mold, Heavy Metals, Bacteria and more

Montana requires that cannabis products sold in retail dispensaries effective January 1, 2022 be tested for potency, mold, heavy metals and a wide range of bacteria. Cannabis laboratories in the state must be ISO 17025 accredited. Contact COLA online or at 800-981-9883 to learn more about our...

Which States May Legalize Cannabis in 2022

In this article, the digital publication Leafly outlines which states may legalize cannabis in 2022. Read more here.

South Dakota Supreme Court Decision Rules Adult Use Marijuana Question Was Unconstitutional

In November 2020, South Dakota (SD) voters passed a ballot measure to legalize adult use of cannabis. The State took issue with the ballot measure making a technical argument that the ballot initiative violated the state's requirement that constitutional amendments deal with just one subject. The...

Should cannabis be legalized in Maryland for recreational use

Should cannabis be legalized in Maryland for recreational use, a House of Delegates working group, created by House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones, is now convening to explore how best to regulate operators and policy approaches to taxation. For more information, click here.


Scientists have developed a new method for testing for heavy metals in cannabis vape aerosols

Scientists have developed a new method for testing for heavy metals in cannabis vape aerosols. For more information on these developments, click here.