The clinical laboratory's role in the COVID-19 pandemic was crucial. Clinical testing proved to be a very important factor in helping to blunt the curve of that event, and we at COLA hope to help you keep current on the latest information from the CDC.

COLA has established this CDC Updates page so that you can quickly receive up to date information for clinical laboratories. COLA has been engaged with the CDC’s Laboratory Outreach Communication System (LOCS) in the Division of Laboratory Systems (DLS) to transmit their public health messages to our laboratories and affiliates.

Additional resources on COVID-19

  • Staying Informed and Staying Safe: CEO of COLA's message on COVID-19

  • CMS Open Door Forum
    CMS is hosting regular calls with a variety of clinicians, hospitals, other facilities, and states in an effort to keep stakeholders updated on our COVID-19 efforts. Is link has access to recordings of the calls along with transcripts.

    Apple and CDC, together with the White House and FEMA, launched a new website and app with a COVID-19 screening tool and resources to help people protect their health.

    Information about what the Federal Government Doing in Response to COVID-19

    This website is comprehensive including active updates on the latest developments on travel restrictions, prevention, risks, infection rates and specific information for healthcare professionals. 

  • Making Sense of Coronavirus Testing
    AACC asked leading laboratory experts to answer the most common questions about COVID-19 testing so that people can better understand the testing for this virus and make informed decisions if they ever need to seek it out.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), CLIA Guidance During the COVID-19 Emergency
    CMS published a memo and FAQ on clinical laboratory guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Weekly CDC on-line meetings
    As a member of the clinical laboratory community, you are invited to attend a weekly call, on Mondays at 3pm EDT, hosted by the CDC Division of Laboratory Services, to discuss the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

  • Emergency Use Authorization
    The FDA has issued Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for many COVID-19 tests.  Several of these can be performed in moderate complexity laboratories.

  • FDA Emergency Use Authorizations Website
    Laboratories performing testing for COVID-19 must report all results, both positive and negative, to your state public health agency.  Please contact your state agency for instructions on how to report results.

  • Safety Measures
    For information on safety measures to be taken when collecting specimens for COVID-19 testing, see this information from the CDC.

  • Serum testing for COVID-19 antibodies

    Many laboratories have expressed interest in performing serum tests for antibodies to the COVID-19 virus.  Since these tests are not considered diagnostic for an emerging infection, these tests will not be included in the EUA process.  This type of testing will be very valuable as the pandemic progresses, in order to identify patients who have been exposed to the virus and now have antibodies.  Commercial manufacturers are not discouraged from developing and distributing serum COVID-19 antibody tests. 

  • World Health Organization
    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) technical guidance: Maintaining Essential Health Services and Systems